Junior High Options





Construction & Design
$25 fee for consumables
Construction and Design is a combined course that allows students to explore design techniques in the computer lab and then apply these techniques to woodworking projects in the shop. In the shop, students will develop woodworking skills with an emphasis on developing safe work habits and beginning to work with power tools.

$20 fee for consumables 
In Art students will explore a variety of materials and techniques in the creation of compositions. Skills explored may include: drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery design, sketching, photography, and printmaking. 

$5 fee for consumables
Do you enjoy completing puzzles, learning about weird science, doing STEM challenges and science experiments?  This course is for you! It will offer you a challenge over and above your regular Math and Science classes. This course is for students who have a keen interest in Math and Science and have a mature attitude toward learning.  Find out how to get DNA out of a strawberry, the best way to clean up an oil spill, how to make Barbies go bungee jumping and more!

$25 fee for consumables 
Students will be introduced to kitchen safety and sanitation, kitchen orientation, nutrition, measuring and preparing simple foods.  Food labs will include cookies, muffins, cupcakes, pancakes, omelets and tacos. Students will develop and demonstrate an understanding of traditional and contemporary baking.  Students will also focus on the importance of snacks and appetizers related to lifestyle by making nutritious, as well as delicious, snacks and appetizers. All labs will focus on making smart decisions in relation to Canada's Food Guide.



FRENCH - Full Year
« Je suis fier d’être bilingue! »  Do you want to know what this says?  Become one of the 2.4 million people learning our second official language in schools across our country!  The Grade 7 & 8 French curriculum has a strong focus on allowing you to not only SURVIVE in your second language, but to THRIVE!  Authentic, communicative tasks in areas related to school, people around you and weather will focus on oral production and comprehension and written production and comprehension.  Seize the opportunity to develop your language communication skills and knowledge of French culture both inside and outside of the classroom.  Say yes to French!

In this course, students will work in small groups to build small robots and create programming for them in order to solve interesting problems in creative ways. Students will be encouraged to “think outside the box” and develop the skills of teamwork and innovative thinking.

Kinesthetic Learning
This course offers a learning style in which students will demonstrate outcomes by carrying out numerous project-based physical activities and leadership opportunities.  Tactile in style, this course is for those who like to use their bodies and hands to learn and incorporate the use of movement to help increase focus and stamina.  This option will include active leadership opportunities throughout the school year, service learning, mentorship to other grades and various physical activities such as snowshoeing, disk golf, etc.

Film Studies
Film Studies is a course where students practice being active viewers of film as they watch film shorts, excerpts from film, as well as full length films. Topics students may investigate include the history of Western film, the use of different camera angles, color and sound to tell the story, film genre and trailers.